Bannon Wasn’t Pushed. He Jumped. Rats and Sinking Ships…

The papers are all saying Steve Bannon was fired from the Trump White House.  But he was clearly the author of his own fate.  To borrow a phrase, he “self-deported.”  Yes he was pushed.  But Bannon rolled out the gangplank, set up the shove, and choreographed the landing.  Why get yourself fired?  Because rats aren’t stupid.  Rats leave a sinking ship.

Consider the timeline and facts:

So why did Bannon do a Scaramucci on himself?

  1. Bannon saw writing on the wall after Tuesday’s debacle.  Time to get off the Trump trainwreck.
  2. He couldn’t resign “on principle” because the Charlottesville marchers are “his people.”  OK, most Breitbart News readers aren’t Nazis.  But a lot are soft sympathizers.  The same demographic targeted by the Neo Nazi “Daily Stormer” – people who start a sentence by saying, “I’m not racist, but …
  3. Bannon also needed to go out with a bang.  To retain his brand value.  And to set up a “I fought the good fight” Lost Cause narrative.  Which Breitbart rolled out one day later on Saturday – “With Bannon gone, there is no guarantee that Trump will stick to the plan. That is why — too late, in retrospect — conservative leaders wrote to the president Friday to advise him that Bannon and campaign manager-turned-counselor Kellyanne Conway were too valuable to lose.

That “Lost Cause” narrative is doubly appealing to his readership.

Those Breitbart-reading, history-bending, Southern apologists are also a core voting base of Republican party.  Bigger and MUCH more core than a lot of “socially liberal, economically conservative” taxes-hating coastal types care to acknowledge.  Its a harder truth to ignore after Charlottesville.  But if you divert a LOT of emergency power to your personal reality denial field….

Sailing off on a ship of fools.  Captained by a madman.  But deserted by its biggest, most cunning rat.

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