What if Tillerson Goes Out With a Bang?

Sec State Rex Tillelrson seems likely to leave soon.  He’s a sensible guy.  Used to being taken seriously.  And presumably cares about his reputation.  What if he leaves with a bang?

“I can no longer serve in good conscience under this President.  I have seen this man up close and he is not fit to be President.  I have come to mistrust his temperament, judgement, and honesty.  I have lost confidence in his leadership.  He is a danger to our national security, prosperity, and democracy.  It is time for Congress to exert the leadership and power entrusted in them by the Constitution.  I call on them to begin impeachment proceedings against this man before more harm is done.”

You can dream right?  Although President Pence scares me from a pure policy perspective.  But Trump just plain scares me these days.  And I am a patriot first.

And this isn’t just my own wish fulfillment.  It is also Tillerson’s best exit route.  He comes across as a principled man.  Calling a spade a spade.  And he gets credit for being the first person to say out loud what most Republicans is already thinking privately.  He might as well go out on the right side of history.  Especially as there’s no reward for loyalty.

More important is that same logic applies to all the other “adults” in this Administration.  If Tillerson doesn’t take that path, someone else will.  Eventually.  Maybe Jeff Sessions jumps ahead of Tillerson?  Maybe they do a double-header Thelma and Louise style?

I’ve gotten two big calls wrong this past year.  The election (I went with the odds so not feeling too bad about that…) and the chaos that followed (I just lacked the imagination to think it could get this bad).  Its no comfort at all to realize I’m in pretty good company on both fronts.


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