This is Steve Kamman’s personal blog.  As the title suggests, the goal is to be thought-provoking, entertaining, and largely indefensible under more detailed analysis.  I am doing it mostly for fun and hope you’ll read it in the same spirit.

The bulk of my money is in broadly diversified index funds and other boring-but-good stuff.   My individual stock holdings are (in order of position size) Infinera (INFN), Calix (CALX), Juniper (JNPR), Cisco (CSCO) and Riverbed (RVBD).

I currently live in Berkeley, California after a professional career spent mostly on the East Coast and overseas.  The threads I’ll be weaving here extend back as follows.

  • Tech:  I wandered into Tech and Telecom in 1991, back when it was the “Information Superhighway.”  It turned out to be a pretty good horse to ride;  taking me to some interesting places – Consulting at Telcos, working for a Telco (MCI), Regulatory and lobbying work (in the US and Mexico).
  • Markets:  I spent most of the last 12-15 years picking stocks and watching the market as a Wall Street analyst (both the sell and buy side).  I mostly looked at network equipment, telecom, and Internet/data infrastructure companies.  But I also spent a lot more time than my peers trying to have a view on macro trends – partly because they had such an impact on networking investment and partly because it was fun.
  • Politics and Policy:  As the son of a US Foreign Service officer, I spent a large part of my early years overseas – mostly behind the Iron Curtain.  Hence my interest (and pretensions to insight) in politics and policy.  I tend to describe my personal politics as “if George Bush the First still represented the Republican Party, I would be a Republican.”  As it stands, I vote Democratic.
  • Ephemera:  I am hard-wired to analyze stuff, so I might as well write it down…

For more details and a chronology, see my LinkedIn profile below.

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  1. Dominique Watkins says:

    Hey man, I don’t have your email, but was wondering what you thought of this view of stock Buybacks as inefficient use of capital.

    Conservative thought is in full swing of seismic shift. Away from libertarianism economics and Neoconservative foreign policy.

    I don’t have anything like your financial experience and I value your opinion!


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