This is Steve Kamman’s personal blog.  As the title suggests, the goal is to be thought-provoking, entertaining, and largely indefensible under more detailed analysis.  I am doing it mostly for fun and hope you’ll read it in the same spirit.

The bulk of my money is in broadly diversified index funds and other boring-but-good stuff.   My individual stock holdings are (in order of position size) Infinera (INFN), Calix (CALX), Juniper (JNPR), Cisco (CSCO) and Riverbed (RVBD).

I currently live in Berkeley, California after a professional career spent mostly on the East Coast and overseas.  The threads I’ll be weaving here extend back as follows.

  • Tech:  I wandered into Tech and Telecom in 1991, back when it was the “Information Superhighway.”  It turned out to be a pretty good horse to ride;  taking me to some interesting places – Consulting at Telcos, working for a Telco (MCI), Regulatory and lobbying work (in the US and Mexico).
  • Markets:  I spent most of the last 12-15 years picking stocks and watching the market as a Wall Street analyst (both the sell and buy side).  I mostly looked at network equipment, telecom, and Internet/data infrastructure companies.  But I also spent a lot more time than my peers trying to have a view on macro trends – partly because they had such an impact on networking investment and partly because it was fun.
  • Politics and Policy:  As the son of a US Foreign Service officer, I spent a large part of my early years overseas – mostly behind the Iron Curtain.  Hence my interest (and pretensions to insight) in politics and policy.  I tend to describe my personal politics as “if George Bush the First still represented the Republican Party, I would be a Republican.”  As it stands, I vote Democratic.
  • Ephemera:  I am hard-wired to analyze stuff, so I might as well write it down…

For more details and a chronology, see my LinkedIn profile below.

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