The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing…

Do you want a clear conscience after Election Day 2020?  I do.  So I BOUGHT one by taking action now.  I just gave not-a-lot-of-money to six Democratic Senatorial campaigns.  You can buy that same peace in about 10 minutes – one entry of your credit card number is good for all the links below.  You’ll like the person in the mirror a little better for doing it.  I promise.

  1. Sarah Gideon in Maine (vs Susan Collins) –
  2. John Hickenlooper in Colorado (vs Cory Gardner) –
  3. Mark Kelly in Arizona (vs Martha McSally) –
  4. Cal Cunningham in North Carolina (vs Thom TIllis) –
  5. Amy McGrath in Kentucky (vs Mitch McConnell) –
  6. Theresa Greenfield (vs Joni Ernst) –

Why give to Senate campaigns? $10 each; or $50; or $250.  $60, $300, or $1,500 is a small price to pay to reserve the right to say “I did what I could.”  Everyone can find some money and ten minutes.

  • Your dollars go a lot further in a Senate race.
  • You don’t have to agonize over which Presidential candidate to support. These are clear front-runners who need your money NOW.  The Presidential campaigns will do just fine without you.
  • We already know what happens if a Democrat wins the White House, but Mitch McConnell still runs the senate.  Remember the stasis and frustration of Obama’s last 6 years in office.  Nothing got done after the Senate flipped.  Feeding the national frustration that brought us Trump.  McConnell laughing all the way to the bank.
  • If Trump wins and the Democrats win the Senate/House, the nation will be OK.  Trump will be reduced to railing from his twitter account.
  • If a Democrat wins the White House and McConnell stays in power, we’re guaranteed 4 years of conflict and partisanship.
  • If Trump wins and McConnell stays in power, you’ll at least avoid the shame of knowing you could have done more.
  • All the candidates above are viable incumbent-defeaters.  The longest shot is Amy McGrath in Kentucky.  But I believe no dollar spent on defeating McConnell is ever wasted.  Never forget McConnell flat out refused to let a Spring 2016 Supreme Court nomination go through.  That flagrant foul arguably put a deeper hole below the waterline of American Democracy than anything Trump has done (so far). 

Trump grabs the headlines, but the real evil lies in his enablers.  Craven, self-interested, sell-outs who’d rather rule a ruined hulk than give up power.  Mitch McConnell and the Lapdogs.  Yertle the Turtle on his throne of minions.

Humor aside, we are living through a moment of “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” A lesson I’ve really taken to heart from recent reading.  I’m horrified about the direction this country is taking.  But I had an awkward moment a few months ago after reading “Defying Hitler:  A Memoir” – an excellent, gripping, highly readable book written in 1939 before WW2.

Was I doing any better than the upper-middle-class people who complained about this vulgarian racist and his craven followers, but did precisely nothing to stop them?

I was finally moved to act by a 2005 book I’m reading now – “The Anatomy of Fascism” by the (excellent) historian of inter-war Europe Robert Paxton.  More on that later.

Right now, click those links folks!  Buy yourself some peace.


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2 Responses to The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing…

  1. Dominique Watkins says:

    I don’t know Steve, shouldn’t we allow the people in their respective states elect their own officials? Seems like that was the intent when they drafted the constitution. Would you want a bunch of Alabamans donating tons of money to a California senatorial race?

    Trump is a Vulgarian. But He has also done a number of things right by me. Conservative judges who won’t legislate from the bench, allowed conscientious objection to nuns who don’t want to pay for contraceptives. Gotten a couple trade deals done. Now I hear he has family leave policy and tax relief for middle class in his plans.

    May I recommend this WSJ article, I think it’s a pretty accurate description of the “overclass” that wants to run the country with disregard for the unwashed masses and elected officials.

    • Steve Kamman says:

      I’d simply note the irony of you citing a Wall Street Journal article in support of “the unwashed masses and elected officials.” Thats a bit like 1960’s Pravda writing in support of Nelson Rockefeller, McNamara, and etc… The article itself has some grains of truth, but bent in a direction to keep those unwashed underclasses punching sideways (at each other) and not upwards (as WSJ readers and editors and advertizers and owners). THe risk, of course, is that Bernie Sanders comes along and co-opts the messaging. WHich I’m not happier about than you are, but Sarah Palin & co are the ones who started us down that slippery slope.

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