The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing…

Do you want a clear conscience after Election Day 2020?  I do.  So I BOUGHT one by taking action now.  I just gave not-a-lot-of-money to six Democratic Senatorial campaigns.  You can buy that same peace in about 10 minutes – one entry of your credit card number is good for all the links below.  You’ll like the person in the mirror a little better for doing it.  I promise.

  1. Sarah Gideon in Maine (vs Susan Collins) –
  2. John Hickenlooper in Colorado (vs Cory Gardner) –
  3. Mark Kelly in Arizona (vs Martha McSally) –
  4. Cal Cunningham in North Carolina (vs Thom TIllis) –
  5. Amy McGrath in Kentucky (vs Mitch McConnell) –
  6. Theresa Greenfield (vs Joni Ernst) –

Why give to Senate campaigns? $10 each; or $50; or $250.  $60, $300, or $1,500 is a small price to pay to reserve the right to say “I did what I could.”  Everyone can find some money and ten minutes.

  • Your dollars go a lot further in a Senate race.
  • You don’t have to agonize over which Presidential candidate to support. These are clear front-runners who need your money NOW.  The Presidential campaigns will do just fine without you.
  • We already know what happens if a Democrat wins the White House, but Mitch McConnell still runs the senate.  Remember the stasis and frustration of Obama’s last 6 years in office.  Nothing got done after the Senate flipped.  Feeding the national frustration that brought us Trump.  McConnell laughing all the way to the bank.
  • If Trump wins and the Democrats win the Senate/House, the nation will be OK.  Trump will be reduced to railing from his twitter account.
  • If a Democrat wins the White House and McConnell stays in power, we’re guaranteed 4 years of conflict and partisanship.
  • If Trump wins and McConnell stays in power, you’ll at least avoid the shame of knowing you could have done more.
  • All the candidates above are viable incumbent-defeaters.  The longest shot is Amy McGrath in Kentucky.  But I believe no dollar spent on defeating McConnell is ever wasted.  Never forget McConnell flat out refused to let a Spring 2016 Supreme Court nomination go through.  That flagrant foul arguably put a deeper hole below the waterline of American Democracy than anything Trump has done (so far). 

Trump grabs the headlines, but the real evil lies in his enablers.  Craven, self-interested, sell-outs who’d rather rule a ruined hulk than give up power.  Mitch McConnell and the Lapdogs.  Yertle the Turtle on his throne of minions.

Humor aside, we are living through a moment of “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” A lesson I’ve really taken to heart from recent reading.  I’m horrified about the direction this country is taking.  But I had an awkward moment a few months ago after reading “Defying Hitler:  A Memoir” – an excellent, gripping, highly readable book written in 1939 before WW2.

Was I doing any better than the upper-middle-class people who complained about this vulgarian racist and his craven followers, but did precisely nothing to stop them?

I was finally moved to act by a 2005 book I’m reading now – “The Anatomy of Fascism” by the (excellent) historian of inter-war Europe Robert Paxton.  More on that later.

Right now, click those links folks!  Buy yourself some peace.


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