Required Reading. Seriously. Make the Time. Forward It.

Its 2007.  Someone sends you a simple, definitive article on mortgage-backed securities.  You shrug and move on to a cat video.  2 years later, struggling with a financial meltdown, you wish you had taken time to read it.

In that spirit, review the attached piece.  It is the best layperson’s summary I’ve seen for what is currently going on out there with the price of money.  The charts alone are worth it.  Not saying we have a repeat of 2008-2009 ahead, but something is definitely wonky out there.  And we could.

From The New York Times:  The Bond Market Is Trying to Tell Us Something (Worry)

Bond yields, the yield curve, inflation expectations, Fed-rate predictions. The bond market might seem indecipherable but it’s full of important clues about the economy.


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