What if Trump Vetoes a Health Care Bill?

He might prefer to keep railing against Obamacare instead of owning Trumpcare…

Mostly just a thought exercise here.  I’m hoping a bill never gets to his desk.

But if it does, it will likely be deeply unpopular.  It will definitely be “mean” as Trump himself described it.  And Trump doesn’t want his brand associated with unpopular and mean.  Well, maybe just unpopular.

It would actually be a smart tactical move too.  He gets to blame Congress for a bad bill vs owning it.  He revives his “drain the swap” credentials – rejecting a Swamp Thing bill that has yet to even emerge from the muck.  And he gets to sound compassionate without committing to anything substantial.  Just an impossible demand for “something better” within fiscal/political constraints that preclude anything but a mean and nasty.

Heck.  There’s even the teeny tiny chance it actually forces a more thoughtful “repair” vs this weird Kabuki “replace” process.

It would be a fitting end to a what can only be called a reality-TV legislative process.  Just like we sort’ve know that “The Bachelor” really isn’t going to marry any of those girls.

Except, of course, that 20+ million people’s real-life health care does actually hang in the balance here.  But the whole process has been run as more symbolic than literal.  All for show.  Or for “a” show we’re all unwittingly cast members of?  Maybe its all just a brilliant exercise in post-modern, conceptual art?  Who knew the Republicans were such sophisticates?

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