Chris Christie’s 2016 Presidential Bid – DOA @ GWB

Chris Christie never had a real shot at becoming President, but he would have likely provided a fair amount of entertainment in failing at it.  No more.  He probably has hubris enough to still run, but he will be an early casualty in the primaries.

For those who haven’t been watching it, Christie’s henchpeople arranged to gridlock most of Fort Lee, NJ for 4 days by intentionally backing up George Washington Bridge traffic.  Why?  Because the Democratic Mayor did not endorse Christie’s re-election campaign.  That much has been known for a while.  What came out today was the smoking gun e-mails that make it un-deniable.  And far too close within Christie’s inner circle.  See link below or do a Google search for more context.

Christie can (and probably will) claim it was done without his knowledge.  I don’t think that’s going to matter.  His character has always been a problem.  This incident just throws it into relief too sharp to ignore.  The Democrats won’t even get a chance to capitalize on it.  His Republican primary opponents can (and will) hammer Christie out of the race on that one issue alone.

I’m sorry to lose the entertainment, but relieved for the nation.  I never thought Christie had a chance anyway, but he is not someone who should have been any number of heartbeats away from the Presidency.


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