Aaaack – Check Those Smoke Detectors and Get That Fire Extinguisher.

So I’m sitting there watching the Raiders play the Chiefs when my wife comes running.  Turns out that we have a pretty ginormous kitchen fire going on just 10-15 yards right behind me in a totally open kitchen/living room set-up.  The wife had started toasting walnuts in the stove and forgotten about them.  Flames shooting out of the stove’s every orifice.

I had simply not noticed.  In my (mild) defense I was sitting on the floor and just had not smelled (or seen) the smoke.  Nor was the smoke detector functional (its a rental).  The good news is that we’d been using the fire extinguisher as a doorstop so no major damage done.  Although cleaning up after a fire extinguisher ain’t a whole lot of fun (that dust gets EVERYWHERE).

The moral of this story is.

  1. Put your fire extinguisher somewhere accessible!  We have generally kept ours under the sink.  No more.  When you need the fire extinguisher, you do NOT need to be rooting around for it somewhere behind the laundry detergent.
  2. Check that smoke detector.

Anyway – back to our regular programming, however irregular it may be.

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