Why I Don’t Think Warren Would Take the VP Job…

Lot of speculation that Clinton might pick Elizabeth Warren for VP.  It doesn’t seem likely…

  • Warren’s dream job is head of the Senate Finance Committee.  A platform for her message and brand.  Hearing after hearing with her patented pointed questions.  All the dirty laundry…  Plus personal payback for all the nasty things they said about her.  Hmmm… maybe the smart money on Wall Street should be begging Hillary to make her VP to avoid that?  Instead they’ll probably pour money into the Senate races to try and prevent a Democratic takeover.  And risk going down swinging….
  • Warren doesn’t need Hillary’s spotlight.  She is already powerful and influential as an independent force.  Becoming VP would diminish her stature not increase it.  Note how she withheld her endorsement until AFTER Hillary won enough delegates.  That’s the act of an independent power broker.
  • The real fight now is for Democratic control of the Senate.  Hillary’s better off with Warren out there fighting for Senate control.  And Warren is more effective doing that as an independent.
  • Senate control argues against Hillary picking ANY sitting senator.
  • Warren doesn’t seem to particularly trust or like Hillary.  Although that could be said for @55.7% of the country if you believe the polls.  🙂
  • The first “gotcha” VP debate question would link Hillary’s now infamous Goldman Sachs speeches to Warren’s position on the ticket.  Warren doesn’t (and can’t) have a good answer to that one…

My guess is Hillary goes for a Latino.  Why? Latinos now are energized and pissed off by Trump.  Hillary will want to start digging a Democratic-leaning groove into that nascent voting habit.  And voting habits tend to stick for generations….

Latinos have been the jump ball of US politics for a while now – low voting rates but increasing population numbers.  Socially conservative, but friendly to government.  And deeply wary of present-day Republicanism (NASCAR fans,  “dog whistle” bigotry of anti-immigration talk, and the general bad taste of the “Southern Strategy”).

If that Democratic voting rhythm is established, Texas and Arizona go purple and then blue over the next few election cycles.  And losing Texas alone is a mathematical death-blow to Republican presidential hopes.

Unless the Republicans drastically renovate the party.  Lets hope they do.  Dysfunctional wacko-ism does no-one any good.

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