Maybe UT, AZ, and ND Should Just Keep Paying for Those National Parks…

So after a lot of noise and shouting, Arizona, Utah, and North Dakota are among the states that are now paying to keep the National Parks within their borders open.

My humble suggestion is that they should KEEP paying to keep the parks open.  This could be a clear victory for the sort of states rights, local government, no-free-riders philosophy espoused by Politicians from those states.  

Why should hard-working Federal taxpayers support the “takers” who sponge off dollars around those parks without paying their fair share for their upkeep?  That’s socialism, gosh darn it!  Just waiting for the Cato Institute paper to come out in support.  I get a feeling I’ll be waiting a long time.

On second though, maybe they don’t pay the full freight.  I shudder to think what sort of tourist-trap nightmare Jan Brewer would make out of a State-run Grand Canyon….

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